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tv   Road to the White House  CSPAN  September 15, 2014 1:30am-2:01am EDT

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make it. and each generation has done a little better than the one before. that's who we've always been and that is what our country must be again. so that's what this election is really about because in 50 days, every iowa voter needs to know that from the president on down to local officials, we democrats are for raising the minimum wage, for equal pay for equal work, for making college and technical training affordable, for growing the economy to benefit everyone and our opponents are not. [applause] for jack hatch fixing down run down homes led to a business building affordable housing. and then to the state house
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where he worked to provide health insurance for children, improve foster care and clean up the environment. it's no wonder tom asked him to be his state director. and he and monica vernon are going to make a great team in the state capitol. [applause] i met stacy apple and her formly when she was in her first year in the state senate. she had worked her way up from minimum wage to manager at an iowa department store. and as a financial consultant she helped families plan for retirement and save for college. and she did it all while being a great mom to her six kids. [applause] her firsthand experience with the economic pressures facing iowa families made her look around and think we can do
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better. nd now with your help, she's poised to be the first woman ever to represent iowa in the united states congress. [applause] and dave and jim and pat will bring wisdom, compassion to a congress where those qualities are in short supply. and bruce, bruce has his own story. after his dad was badly injured in a grain elevator accident, his mom went back to school and worked like crazy to get her teaching degree and to support their family. she inspired bruce to devote his life to fighting for other families facing hard times. as a congressman, he's done just that. he went to bat for iowa's
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national guard members and won them the pay they deserved. [applause] and just for a moment, think about the issue of the federal minimum wage. i understand it's being hotly debated in bruce's race. some are talking about eliminating it all together if you can believe that. here is a little fact or two. women hold a majority of the minimum wage jobs in this country. and women also hold nearly three quarters of all jobs like waiters, bartenders, hair style thaste don't even get the minute -- minute wage. it's thought they will do fine with tips.
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these are often moms contributing to their families economic well being, sometimes they are single moms trying to give their kids the support they need on wages like that, without paid family leave, without sick leave, without flexibility or predictability at work. without access to quality affordable child care. i think bruce gets that. he gets it in his heart as well as his head because of his own experience. and that's why easing the burdens on iowa's working families is more than a policy proposal for him. it's a personal commitment. i look at him and i see a leader who is going to do his best to make this a better country for my grandchild and all of our children. leave here committed to
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working as hard as you can. when you see your neighbors in the supermarket or pick your kids up from school, tell them about our candidates. share your ssion, thumpe. knock on doors. vote for the kind of future all of our people deserve. now after traveling nearly a million miles and going to 112 countries on your behalf, i know we face a lot of economic, political and security challenges here at home and around the world. but everything i've seen convinces me that we can meet those challenges and seize big opportunities too. we have the human and natural
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resources to do it. we have the knowledge to do it. we have the will if we decide to exercise it to do it. we can build a growing economy of shared prosperity and a more equal sharing of responsibility for a secure world. that's what america has always done and it's time to summon that spirit again. too many people only get excited about presidential campaigns. look, i get excited about presidential campaigns too. [applause] but those campaigns only happen every four years. and every two years you're electing members of congress and senators and state officials who will have a big say in the quality of your schools, your
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healthcare, your lives. so use the enthusiasm that iowa is so well known for every presidential year and channel that into these upcoming elections. don't wake up the day after the election and feel bad and wonder what more you could have done. do everything you can now to make sure when you wake up that morning after the election, you breathe a big sigh of relief bazz you will have done everything you could to make sure that tom's legacy of service, of fighting, of standing up and making it clear whose side he's on will continue. it's time to heed the push of our values and the pull of our future. it's time to right that new chapter in the american dream.
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because remember, when we show up, we win. and i thank tom and ruth for always showing up and showing us the way. it's really great to be back. let's not let another seven years go by. thank you all very much. [applause] >> we say the best for last.
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good things always happen when the clinton comes to iowa. this is hisd to say fourth. president in '03, clinton came. we had terrible rains. but we needed the reins. we had a drought. we needed the rain. mud.field was a sea of it was money. it was all over the place mud and so forth. we came down here. all of the candidates had spoken. whole bunch of others were talking. then president clinton came down. those of you who were here will remember that he came up on the stage to introduce president clinton on the stage.
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the clouds disappeared. the sun came out. [laughter] [applause] to myself, boy, this guy has friends in really high places. mr. president, i'm thankful for the sunshine today. we are also thankful for the sunshine of your leadership through all of these years. thank you for what you have done for our country and the world. [applause] thank you. we can do it again. we can do this again and take that bridge to the future that he started a building recreating those 22 million jobs and lifting millions of people out of poverty and shared prosperity.
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economist has said it we paid ond, it we were the national debt in 10 years. peace relentlessly. ireland outbe in after the good friday accords. he hammered that out. he wouldn't give up on that. he brought peace to that country. up on seeking peace in the mid east. who could forget the wonderful photo shaking hands and there's clinton pulling them together? pulling them together. [applause]
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the clinton global initiative is doing big things all around the world, combating childhood obesity, getting kids out of forced labor, bringing global leaders together to find solutions to our world's biggest problems. mr. president, it is great to welcome you back to the 37th state. let me say personally that i ran against the governor of arkansas ' '91 to you know it was not a sad day when i dropped out of the race. i knew that there was another person in that race that was going to take our country to another lever, by higher-level. we will bring people together. build that bridge to the 21st century.
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it didn't take me very long after he dropped out of the race and went up to new york. we met. i came out and supported him wholeheartedly. i have got to tell you i am so proud, so proud of bill clinton, so thankful for his leadership and so grateful for his friendship to me and ruth and our family through all of these years. friends, let's give it up for a great president and a great friend of iowa, bill clinton. [cheers and applause] thank you. thank you. thank you very much. you have all been out here for a
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while. i don't want it to be one of those banquets where everyone has said everything that needs to be said and no one has said it yet. i will try to be brief or. first two tom and ruth harkin, i want to be here to honor you, to spend my sunday with my life, to where the birthday president she gave me last august -- what do you think? do you like my shirt? [applause] i was kind of worried that it look like a tablecloth. she said it was cool. i'm feeling good. we want to be here because you two are part of our family history. you two are making history and i
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today with the last of the state fries -- runs the overseas private incorporation investment. it has a big impact on whether we could have fair credit and not just free trade. big impact on whether we can sell things in other countries. and create jobs in america. i'm grateful to her for doing that. i was impressed. i hated it when we were running against each other. was the light there was something not quite -- always felt like there was something not quite right. togethertarted working
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. we had always sort of clicked. in here i say thank you do i offer supporting he. -- to iowa for supporting me. tom had one of his rare and tough elections. a look like i could help. it was like a 36 hour window where my approval rating was higher than is and he made sure i flew in here and he took advantage of it. [laughter] town.out of i'm very grateful. in 2003, it rained like crazy. i felt like i was a twentysomething at woodstock when i looked at this.
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we were addicted to music than and in politics. i was glad the sun came out so we didn't look totally idiotic. i'm grateful. you need to know some other things. of iowataking good care knowing the agriculture projects in china help promote the health care coverage that came to -- trying to help promote the health care coverage that came, but healthier lifestyles that our friend tom bosak has been vilsack wasrk -- turned work out.
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and how we should spend our investment money in safe more lives and give more people better future. also grow our economy in a good way. one of the strongest voices for restoring democracy because the military dictator down there was putting tires around people's next and setting them afire. in an affectionate hollis he called necklace thing, you had been told that they had to go. i was being told that nobody cared and it was crazy. we did it and no shots were fired. nobody got hurt. partially because we had a few raise members of congress like tom harkin to do that. when that earthquake hit, americans gave $1 billion.
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i still work there. we are still getting stuff done. i am convinced even though there's a lot of ups and downs of the last 20 years, it never would have happened if america had walked away and allowed dictators to kill people virtually on our borders and studying -- instead of giving them a chance. i say thank you to tom harkin for that. the americanut disabilities act. there was another great disability act at the end of my residency. thomas one of the people that brought to my attention that it was fine to say people who were disabled could be discriminated against. it is fine to say they had a right to go to work. did they really have the means to go to work? there were so many people who were disabled. of --uired 100,000 worth
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to be maintained. if they went to work for 20 -- i'm giving this as an example. they would be rendered and available to keep the health care. millions ofping people who were classified as unabled to work in fact to make a contribution to their families and themselves and country by having this crazy rule that said i'm sorry if you make any money, you have got to take your medicare and medicaid away. we change that. it enabled huge numbers of people with disabilities to have abilities in the forefront to live a better life and make a contribution to the united states. [applause] we are doing our best to be in
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tworight zone and not just doting grandparents. understoodng anyone that he did more than anyone to make sure that america was leading the charge and on the right side of the international end toto bring an abuse a child practices all over the world. i always liked him. i think the happiest day we ever had together was the day he came to the oval office should he was able to be with me as we called the firstr to have
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conversation ever had with the technology that a lot of people who were deaf to communicate over telephone who were not. here because the shining roof --tom harkin and and ruth proves that politics to be a noble profession and good things can come from tough elections, the people who disagree can get together, work together, and find common ground. -- i want to say thank you for their service and their friendship. i want to say that everything tom has said is true. i will tell you a story that
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will make it more meaningful. pick a better case for all of your congressional candidates and especially our motherstacy -- i think a with six kids belongs in congress. i have heard some of those say -- believe you me, anyone who could run six kids and run a fortune 500 corporation. they could handle a seat in congress. [applause] thank you for running for secretary of state. this is what they try to restate -- restrict voting rights.
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i don't like that too much. so that is what i really wanted to say. i want you to think as i go about what all of this means, what does it mean to say that we respect our opponents we don't mind it if they disagree with us our vote against us. get the show on the road. right on theey are time and that if they make an agreement with them -- us, it is somehow compromising. they might lose a primary election. reflection ofst the kind of conflict that is going on all over the world today. here's what is going on everywhere.
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we live in the most interdependent age in human history. i will farmers could find out what is happening to crops all over the world instantaneously, right? you follow the price of inputs and outputs the probable weather conditions and what is happening in the markets. we are more independent than ever before. we are more diverse than ever before in america. problem showsical you what the world's problems is. thinking about america. we are less racist, sexist, and homophobic and we have ever been. [applause] but we do have one continuing problem -- we don't want to be around anyone who disagrees with us. more than ever before, we are living with complex problems
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with a lot of moving parts that require people with good experiences and different experiences to come to gather. that is what i was loved about harkin. he never stop being a good progressive, liberal democrat. he never went to work with his ears plugged up. he never did go to situation to put blinders on so he couldn't see what was playing before his eyes. that is hurting america. everywhere in the world, people's interactions are characterized by constant conflict. winner take all. good things are not happening. everywhere in the world, the inclusivereflects government and corporation and the public and private sector and defense groups for the purpose of -- different groups for the purpose of doing
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something done. good things are happening. everywhere in america, it is true. , all weerdependent age have been reading about are the most painful headlines. there are some good things happening. that has been a huge drop in the last 10 years and the amount of extreme poverty in the world. the millennium goal said health care goals for people all over the world. we will reach them. infant mortality is down. fewer babies are dying in the first five years of life because we are moving in the right direction in many ways, that there's a lot of violence out there. power is dispersed. that means that apart from any specific issue, every time you go, you need to be looking for
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somebody that first agrees with you and will stand for what you believe in, but will go to work everyday with her ears unplugged and their eyes wide open and prepared to reach a compromise and to stand up and explain it to you if you disagree. we have got to pull this country together to push this country forward. [applause] that is really why i want these folks doing. this is most important for his race, but it has implications elsewhere. i have run for office for a lot of times. ad would a television turn people off, right? without being dishonest, you wanted to appeal to as many people as you can.
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they would you describe it as -- and never graduated beyond the cow was mia great-grandfathers heard when i was six. game at this to my late stage. here is what i want to say -- [laughter] a lot of these republican spend all of their times dissing the president and dumping on the senate majority leader harry reid. they're trying to get you to check your brain at the door and start foaming at the mouth. the last thing they want you to do is think. [applause]
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other something ever the day and something every twice to make sure i didn't miss represented to you. there was a rather revealing article in the press sometime in the last couple of weeks about a speech the senate republican leader who wants to be majority leader by getting you to erase all our candidates from congress and our candidate for the senate and see only the people that they are allegedly clones of taking orders from. it was senator mitch mcconnell's speeo


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